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– 🌀【Powerful Brushless Suction】Experience unparalleled cleaning power with the OKP Robot Vacuum’s robust brushless suction port. Boasting a mighty 2500pa suction force and an innovative brushless inlet, it effortlessly tackles dust and pet hair, providing a thorough and efficient clean carpets or hard floors. Say goodbye to tangled hair and embrace a hassle-free cleaning experience.
– 📱【Intelligent App/Voice Control】Take control of your cleaning routine with ease using the OKP app. Automatic vacuum is available in four versatile cleaning modes: ①Random Clean, ② Arranged Clean, ③ Edge Clean, ④ Spot Clean. Schedule cleanings and customize preferences from anywhere, ensuring your space stays immaculate even when you’re away. Vacuum cleaner compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free, voice-activated convenience.
– 🤖【Innovative Freemove Obstacle Avoidance】Featuring built-in anti-collision infrared sensors, OKP Robotic Vacuums detects potential obstacles and navigates around them with precision. With a sleek design measuring just 11.02 inches in diameter and 3.09 inches in height, it can effectively clean narrow spaces under beds, sofas, or other furniture without getting stuck,making cleaning a breeze. From now on, just leave all the coners in the house to smart vacuum robot!
– 💤【Quiet and Efficient Operation】Elevate your cleaning experience with the whisper-quiet operation of the OKP Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Choose from adjustable suction power levels, offering a standard mode under 65db and a quiet mode under 55db. Perfect for nighttime cleaning or maintaining focus in a home office, it ensures an effective and silent cleaning experience.
– 🔋【Reliable Battery Life】Enjoy uninterrupted cleaning sessions with the OKP Cleaning Robot’s reliable battery life, providing up to 120 minutes of continuous operation. Rest easy knowing it automatically returns to the charging dock when low on battery or after completing a cleaning cycle, ensuring it’s always ready for the next cleaning session. No more hassle in finding and returning the vacuum robot for recharging.
– 🧩【What You Will Get】① K5 Robot Vacuum*1 ② Charging dock*1 ③ Adapter*1 ④ Dust Bin*1 ⑤ Cleaning Tool*1 ⑥ Side Brush*1 Pair ⑦ HEPA Filter*1 ⑧ User Manual*1 ⑨ Extra Gift Parts: HEPA*1 and Side Brush*1 Pair