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– No Damage – No Tools, No Drilling, No Screws, No Holes, No Unsightly Holes In The Wall.
– Super Suction And Durable – Shower Hooks Are Made Of High Quality Abs Plastic And Basf Tpu Rubber As Suction Cups That Can Withstand Loads Up To 15 Pounds And Will Not Become Less Sticky Over Time.
– One-Step Installation – Simply Push or Pull The Lever Handle To Lock or Unlock The Shower Hook, And It Is Removable And Reusable For Your Easy Replacement.
– No Indentation – If You Need To Change The Position Of The Suction Cups For Use, You Can Simply Lift Them Without Leaving Any Marks Or Wear On The Wall.
– Tips And Precautions For Use – Installing The Suction Cup Hook Requires A Towel To Wipe Dust And Moisture From The Wall. It Is Only Suitable For Non-porous, Smooth Surfaces, Not For Any Porous, Uneven, Rough, Cracked Or Textured Surfaces. 【Note】 If The Hook Does Not Suck Up, We Can Clean It With Water, The Surface Of The Rubber Suction Cup, And Then Dry It With A Hair Dryer To Soften The Rubber Before Use. The Effect Will Be Better!



Introducing the ultimate solution for your bathroom organization needs – the SUCTION CUP, HEAVY-DUTY, SHOWER, VAC. Say goodbye to damaging your walls with tools, drilling, screws, or unsightly holes. Our shower hooks are designed to provide a strong and durable hold without causing any damage to your walls.

Super suction and durability are the key features of our shower hooks. Made with high-quality ABS plastic and BASF TPU rubber, our suction cups can withstand loads up to 15 pounds and will not lose their stickiness over time. This means you can trust our shower hooks to securely hold your towels, loofahs, or any other bathroom essentials without worrying about them falling off.

Installation is a breeze with our one-step process. Simply push or pull the lever handle to lock or unlock the shower hook. And if you need to change its position, no problem! Our shower hooks are removable and reusable, making it easy for you to replace or reposition them as needed.

But what sets our shower hooks apart is their ability to leave no indentation on your walls. Unlike traditional hooks that leave marks or wear on the wall when removed, our suction cups can be easily lifted without leaving any trace behind. This means you can rearrange your bathroom accessories without worrying about damaging your walls.

To ensure the best results, here are some tips and precautions for using our suction cup hooks. Before installation, make sure to wipe any dust or moisture from the wall with a towel. Our hooks are only suitable for non-porous, smooth surfaces, so avoid using them on any porous, uneven, rough, cracked, or textured surfaces. And if your hook doesn’t stick, simply clean the surface of the rubber suction cup with water and dry it with a hairdryer to soften it before use. This will ensure a better hold and longer-lasting results.

In summary, the SUCTION CUP, HEAVY-DUTY, SHOWER, VAC is the perfect solution for organizing your bathroom without causing any damage to your walls. Its super suction and durability, one-step installation, and ability to leave no indentation make it a must-have for any bathroom. So why wait? Get yours today and experience the convenience and functionality of our suction cup hooks.