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– Extend Wifi Coverage on Dual-band. Boost internet WiFi signal to wider coverage up to 1292 sq.ft,optimize WiFi network transmission. AC2100 Wifi Extender helps you reduce the data transmission time and minimize the lag. This rockspace dual band wifi range extender also provides up to 300 Mbps for 2.4 GHz and 1734 Mbps performance on 5 GHz band.
– Smart Siganl Switch for Steady Connection. Equipped with high quality PCB dual band antennas and 4T4R MU-MIMO technology, Wifi repeater extends WiFi networks on dual bands.Automatically select high quality channel for stable, reliable and fast Internet.
– Strong Wall Penetration. Tired of wall blockage? AC 2100 wifi extender works well with optical routers for strong wall penetration capacity on 5 GHz Band.Wifi range extender is perfectly suitable for any type of building. No matter you live in a multi-storey house or a large singel-storey bungalow, this wifi booster can fulfill your various need!
– Universal Compatibility. Rockspace WiFi range extender is compatible with any wireless WiFi Router, Gateway, Access Point.Support extending Wifi signal to any type of devices,such as mobile phone, PCs, smart home devices, including wired devices via Ethernet Port.AC2100 Wifi Extender designed with Gigabit port,which supports connected individual devices directly.
– Simple to Set up. Only 2 simple steps – easily connect the WiFi booster to an existing WiFi network with WPS or Web Browser Setup. Visual signal lights guides you to find the perfect location to install the repeater – Blue indicates good connection, and red indicates bad connection, bring WiFi dead zones to life!



Experience lightning-fast internet speeds and expanded coverage with the Rockspace WIFI EXTENDER. This powerful WIFI BOOSTER boasts an impressive 2100 MBPS and is designed to extend your WIFI coverage on both dual-bands. Say goodbye to slow internet and frustrating dead zones with this top-of-the-line WIFI RANGE EXTENDER.

Boost your internet signal to reach a wider coverage of up to 1292 sq.ft. With the AC2100 Wifi Extender, you can optimize your WIFI network transmission and minimize lag. This means faster streaming, smoother online gaming, and quicker downloads. Plus, with up to 300 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band and 1734 Mbps on the 5 GHz band, you’ll experience lightning-fast speeds on all your devices.

Thanks to its high-quality PCB dual-band antennas and 4T4R MU-MIMO technology, this WIFI repeater ensures a steady and reliable connection. It automatically selects the best channel for optimal performance, so you can enjoy uninterrupted internet access. Say goodbye to frustrating drops in connection and hello to seamless browsing, streaming, and gaming.

Don’t let thick walls block your WIFI signal. The AC 2100 WIFI EXTENDER is equipped with strong wall penetration capabilities on the 5 GHz band, making it perfect for any type of building. Whether you live in a multi-storey house or a large single-storey bungalow, this WIFI BOOSTER can fulfill your needs and provide strong and stable WIFI coverage throughout your home.

Compatible with any wireless WIFI router, gateway, or access point, the Rockspace WIFI RANGE EXTENDER is the perfect addition to your home network. It supports extending WIFI signal to any type of device, including mobile phones, PCs, and smart home devices. Plus, with its Gigabit port, you can even connect wired devices directly for even faster speeds.

Setting up the Rockspace WIFI EXTENDER is a breeze. With just two simple steps, you can easily connect it to your existing WIFI network using either WPS or Web Browser Setup. The visual signal lights guide you to the perfect location for installation – blue indicates a good connection, while red indicates a bad one. Say goodbye to WIFI dead zones and hello to seamless coverage throughout your home.

Don’t settle for slow and unreliable internet. Upgrade to the Rockspace WIFI EXTENDER and experience lightning-fast speeds and expanded coverage. Say goodbye to dead zones and hello to seamless browsing, streaming, and gaming. Order yours today and take your WIFI to the next level!