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– SET IT AND FORGET IT! — This 10” display digital day clock is atomic (also called radio-controlled) – the time, day and date are received via radio signal. Just complete the automated setup and the atomic day clock will remain accurate. Other digital day clocks are much more complicated to set up and need manual adjustment for daylight savings time every spring and fall.
– DOES NOT NEED TO BE PLUGGED IN! — Unlike other digital clocks with the day and date, the Atomic DayClock is battery operated so it does not require a restricting power cord. Set it up on any table or desk or hang it anywhere on a wall.
– NOT TOO BRIGHT, NOT TOO DIM — By design, the day and date display is not super bright and room-dominating like other digital calendar clocks. Intended to be readable from under 10 feet.
– TOTALLY SILENT, NO TICKING — Ideal for bedroom use or any room in the house.
– ALARM CLOCK AND BACKLIGHT – Easy to set alarm and one touch snooze button on top of the clock. At night, the clock hands softly glow in the dark or just press a button for a 5 second backlight.
– CLICK ON THE DAYCLOCKS STORE ABOVE to see the largest selection of day clocks on the market including analog, digital and atomic day clocks.
– DAYCLOCKS’ EXCELLENT US-BASED CUSTOMER SUPPORT DayClocks has been in business since 2003 with over 275,000 DayClocks sold. We are family-owned based in Reno, Nevada.

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