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– 70% FASTER SHARPENING – this classroom electric pencil sharpener will sharpen a pencil from new to pointed in under 4 seconds. Seriously!
– 10X Longer Cutter Life – The QuietPro 6 has an extra hardened helical cutter developed by Bostitch Engineers that allows for longer life without dulling.
– Quiet Mechanism – Developed to keep you running an efficient and focused classroom, even when there is a long line at the sharpener.
– Stall-Free Motor – super duty motor with thermal overload protection keep the plug in sharpener from overheating. Sharpen a high volume of pencils back-to-back without a break.
– Tamper-Proof Safety Switch – This shuts down the motor when large shavings bin is removed. This is the Bostitch standard for safety in a classroom environment.
– Tip Saver Technology prevents over sharpening and extends pencil life. The cutters pull back once the pencil is completely sharp, even if the student doesn’t retract the pencil.
– 6-Size Selector – Sharpen a variety of pencil types including jumbo and Ticonderoga Tri-Write. One-hand easy turn dial with oversized base.

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