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– 【500mm/s Lightning-Fast Speed】With Klipper firmware onboard, ELEGOO Neptune 4 pro achieves an astonishing maximum printing speed of 500mm/s with 20000mm/s²acceleration. Save you time on your printing tasks! Recommended printing speed is 250mm/s
– 【Greatly Enhanced Printing Precision】X and Y axes upgraded to all-metal guide rails with U-shaped steel wheels for more precise movement, reduced vibration, improved print quality, and extended lifespan. 8.85×8.85×10.43 inch/225x225x265mm build volume
– 【Segmented Heated Zones】Neptune 4 Pro has 2 independent heating areas. The slicing software automatically activates the peripheral heating zone if the model exceeds the central heating zone, reducing power consumption and speeding up heating
– 【Powerful Direct Drive Extruder】Self-developed dual-gear direct drive extruder boasts a 5.2:1 reduction ratio, providing powerful extrusion and smoother filament feeding. Combined with metal throat pipe and innovative air duct design, it minimizes the risk of nozzle clogging
– 【Auto Leveling & High-Temp Nozzle】121-points auto leveling for quick and accurate leveling. With a 300°C high-temp nozzle and extended hot end, filament melts and extrudes faster. It’s compatible with PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU, and nylon, making it versatile for different materials

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