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– 🧥1.『BED SHEET SET ORGANIZER』- Each Organizer SIZE: 4.72″W x 15.15″D x 12.99″H. Enough to hold your 1 Queen or King sheet set, 1 duvet cover and 2 pillowcases. Make your linen closet neat and organized with this foldable bed sheet fabric organizer
– 🧥2.『100% ECO-FRIENDLY & HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL』- The sheets organizer for linen closet enables you to store your bed sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers. It keeps them in great shape and protects them from dirt and dust. It is made from high-quality, non-woven, odorless, and sturdy material. Its breathable fabric promotes ventilation
– 🧥3.『FOLDABLE DESIGN』- Our sheet organizers and storage are foldable, stackable, and lightweight, making them easy to carry and store. Also, a sheet keeper to help you fix the bed sheets better. The sturdy and smooth zipper for quick access to your items.
– 🧥4.『CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE』- No need to open the bed sheet organizer to see what’s inside. Label to identify which bed sheet belongs to. Window to see the color and pattern of the linen. Handle to remove this bed sheet organizer easily.
– 🧥5.『UNIQUE SHEETS ORGANIZER』- Products include: 2×Bed Sheet Organizer Foldable Box, 2×Bed Sheet Organizer Bands. Our King sheet straps are elastic and can be stretched to the right size without sagging over time. Foldable box helps to stay organized and save space in your bedroom closet.

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Upgrade your linen closet organization with our Foldable Bed Sheet Set Organizer. Made from high-quality, non-woven material, this 2-pack set is designed to keep your bed sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases in great shape while protecting them from dirt and dust. Say goodbye to messy and cluttered closets and hello to a neat and organized space.

Conveniently sized at 4.72″W x 15.15″D x 12.99″H, each organizer has enough space to hold a Queen or King sheet set, duvet cover, and two pillowcases. No more struggling to fit all your bedding into one small storage container. Our organizers are designed with your needs in mind.

But it’s not just about functionality, our organizers are also eco-friendly. The breathable fabric promotes ventilation, keeping your linens fresh and clean. And with a foldable design, these organizers are easy to store and carry. Stack them in your closet or take them with you on your next trip. Plus, the sturdy and smooth zipper allows for quick access to your bedding without any hassle.

We understand that keeping your bedding organized can be a challenge, especially when it comes to identifying which set belongs to which bed. That’s why our organizers come with a label to easily identify which bed sheet set is inside. And with a window to see the color and pattern of the linen, you can quickly grab the set you need without having to open each organizer.

But that’s not all, our unique sheet organizer set also includes two bed sheet organizer bands. These elastic straps are designed to keep your sheets in place and prevent them from sagging over time. No more waking up to a messy and wrinkled bed. Our organizer bands will keep your sheets looking neat and tidy.

Don’t let a cluttered linen closet stress you out. Upgrade to our Foldable Bed Sheet Set Organizer and experience the convenience and organization it brings. With its portable design and helpful features, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. So why wait? Order now and transform your linen closet into a neat and organized space.


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