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– POWERFUL, LIGHTNING-FAST ANTIVIRUS: Protects your computer from viruses and malware through the cloud; Webroot scans faster, uses fewer system resources and safeguards your devices in real-time by identifying and blocking new threats
– IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION AND ANTI-PHISHING: Webroot protects your personal information against keyloggers, spyware, and other online threats and warns you of potential danger before you click
– ALWAYS UP TO DATE: Webroot scours 95% of the internet three times per day including billions of web pages, files and apps to determine what is safe online and enhances the software automatically without time-consuming updates
– SUPPORTS ALL DEVICES: Compatible with PC, MAC, Chromebook, Mobile Smartphones and Tablets including Windows, macOS, Apple iOS and Android
– NEW SECURITY DESIGNED FOR CHROMEBOOKS: Chromebooks are susceptible to fake applications, bad browser extensions and malicious web content; close these security gaps with extra protection specifically designed to safeguard your Chromebook
– PASSWORD MANAGER: Secure password management from LastPass saves your passwords and encrypts all usernames, passwords, and credit card information to help protect you online

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Protect your devices with the powerful and lightning-fast antivirus, Webroot Plus. This innovative software uses cloud technology to scan and block viruses and malware in real-time, providing you with the ultimate protection for your computer.

Say goodbye to slow and resource-heavy scans. Webroot Plus scans faster and uses fewer system resources, ensuring that your devices are always safeguarded without slowing them down. With Webroot, you can rest assured that your devices are protected from new threats as they arise.

But that’s not all. Webroot Plus also offers identity theft protection and anti-phishing features. With the rise of online threats, it’s more important than ever to protect your personal information. Webroot Plus defends against keyloggers, spyware, and other online threats, and even warns you of potential danger before you click.

Stay ahead of the game with Webroot Plus. This software is always up to date, scouring 95% of the internet three times a day to identify safe websites, files, and apps. And the best part? It automatically enhances its security without any time-consuming updates, so you can continue to use your devices without interruption.

No matter what device you use, Webroot Plus has got you covered. It is compatible with PC, MAC, Chromebook, and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Whether you’re using Windows, macOS, Apple iOS, or Android, Webroot Plus will keep your devices safe and secure.

Speaking of Chromebooks, did you know that they are susceptible to fake applications, bad browser extensions, and malicious web content? But with Webroot Plus, you can close these security gaps and protect your Chromebook with extra security measures specifically designed for it.

And for those of us who struggle to remember all of our passwords, Webroot Plus has a solution. Its password manager, LastPass, securely stores and encrypts all of your usernames, passwords, and credit card information, making it easier for you to stay safe online.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Protect your devices with Webroot Plus and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your personal information is safe. Upgrade to Webroot Plus today and experience the ultimate in internet security.


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