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– 10000LUX Happy Lamp, UV-free, full spectrum simulates sunlight, providing safe, natural and sufficient light. And this light therapy lamp is flicker-free, which can effectively protect your eyes.
– Light Therapy Lamp Available in three levels of brightness, you can tailor the light intensity to your specific needs. The light therapy table lamp has a colour temperature of 6000-6500K, similar to natural daylight, to promote a comfortable and productive working environment.
– This happy light therapy lamp touch on light button, built-in 75 pairs of LED beads, no flicker, glare and hot spots, and provide sufficient light source, 180 ° large angle adjustment of light to meet the needs of multi-directional light therapy
– This light therapy lamps is stylish and portable, its compact design and lightweight construction make our light therapy lamp easy to carry around, creating a comfortable atmosphere, improving sleep, so you can enjoy its benefits wherever you need them.
– The light therapy lamp simply plugs in, adjusts the brightness, and sits in front of the lamp for 30 minutes to an hour a day to improve sleep, and focus, leaving you feeling energized.

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