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– APPLY TARGETED COLD RELIEF FAST – Store the cold steel ice ball in the freezer for cold therapy on injured muscles. The proprietary temperature stabilizing relief gel within the ice roller ball stays cold for over an hour. Cold therapy with a roller massager is perfect for trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and deep tissue massage. A chilled massager ball is used by professionals to decrease inflammation and promote healing of strained muscles + sports injuries after exercise.
– REDUCE STRESS AND ANXIETY, PROMOTE RELAXATION, IMPROVE MOBILITY, SPEED MUSCLE RECOVERY, EASE PAIN AND MUSCLE TENSION with heat therapy. Use your massage balls as hot massage stones for the health benefits of a hot stone massage. Warm in hot tap water for 10 minutes, dry, and feel your muscles relax when you apply the soothing warmth. Heat increases circulation helping to relieve cramps and muscle spasms in all areas of the body, but is especially effective for leg, foot , back, and neck pain
– ONE BALL, TWO THERAPIES Massage Roller Balls can provide either hot or cold relief as needed. Freeze a ball one day, and heat it the next. However, while you can use the balls for both hot and cold massage, you may want to buy a set of two, so you can alternate heat and cold in the same massage therapy session. Alternating hot and cold therapies with a muscle roller ball supplies cramp relief that releases tight knots into relaxed muscles even in tough to massage joints like an ankle
– REMOVABLE SURE GRIP HANDLE The ergonomically designed handle of the therapy ball keeps the cold or hot surface of the ball away from the hand of the trainer doing the massage, and safe to be placed in the freezer or hot water with the ball. It can also be easily removed, however, so you can use the ball as a foot massager under the arch of your feet, giving yourself a thoroughly enjoyable foot massage treatment.
– ENJOY YEARS OF RELIEF WITHOUT WORRY Your balls can be frozen and heated over and over again, and will be a piece of fitness equipment that lasts, relieving muscle tension after your workout and exercises. Like all Cestari products, these rollers come with a lifetime no questions asked warranty so you can relax knowing that these are the last massage balls you will ever need to buy.

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