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– 【Ultra-High 14K Resolution】Features a 10.1-inch Mono LCD with a resolution of 13312*5120, Anycubic Photon Mono M5s Pro delivers XY resolution of 16.8*24.8μm—printing precision comparable to the thickness of one hair. The light uniformity has been enhanced to 85%,ensuring smallest details and sharp edges.
– 【Comfortable Printing Experience】The Pre heating function can ensure keep the resin temperature reach above 20 ℃ before printing for achieving successful printing even in low-temperature environments. Efficient and replaceable built-in activated carbon odor absorption system can be used separately, which bring you the pleasant printing environment.
– 【High Speed Printing】With an average print speed up to 105mm/h, the Photon Mono M5s Pro offers a high-speed resin printing experience. It adopts the third-generation high-speed ACF film, which ensures high success rates while lowering the peeling height and increasing lifting speed.
– 【Leveing Free】Photon Mono M5s Pro adopts an brand new leveling-free solution that through the floating platform technology and internal sensors, will make necessary adjustments to ensure that the print is uniform and falls within an acceptable range to achieve a better result.
– 【Increased Success Rate】Residue detection function can intelligently identify residues in the discharge box during the descent process, avoiding screen breakage. And the Intelligent release will intelligently calculate and adjust the peeling height in real time according to the model shape during printing process, so as to improve the printing success rate and printing speed.

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