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– 【USAPA Pickleball Approved】The Royviva pickleball set has successfully undergone inspection by the USA Pickleball Association and has been deemed compliant with official tournament standards. It received official approval on November 6, 2023, and you can find further details on the USA Pickleball Association’s website. These pickleball paddles from Royviva will meet your needs.
– 【Power and Speed 】 The Royviva pickleball paddle uses a PP honeycomb core and fiberglass surface. The honeycomb structure minimizes vibrations and impact, ensuring a smoother hitting experience that reduces arm fatigue and maintains stable ball feel. This design enhances energy storage and release, providing a stronger elastic response during hits. It results in increased energy and bounce, ultimately improving the ball’s speed and responsiveness.
– 【Comfortable Ergonomic Handle】 The raised perforated grip design comfortably fits between fingers. The 4 1/8 grip size paired with the ideal 4.9-inch length offers a secure hold. The premium handle, anti-skid, wear-resistant, and durable, significantly increases the chances of success. It’s a fantastic pickleball gift.
– 【Lightweight with a Large Sweet Spot】 A wider paddle surface (length: 10.5 inches, width: 8.1 inches) creates a vast sweet spot for easy hitting—especially advantageous for beginners! Weighing 7.8 ounces, it promotes extended swings. The durable edge guard shields the paddle from scratches, enhancing its lifespan.
– 【Perfect Kit for Beginners and Pros】 This set of pickleball paddles and balls comes with all the necessary equipment for a pickleball court, making it an ideal gift for both beginners and professional players, cherished by friends and family.

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