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– [Introducing Our Groundbreaking X2 Combo] The world’s first robot vacuum & handheld vacuum featuring a dual auto-emptying station. Let the robot vacuum breeze through your daily floor cleaning while you effortlessly tackle other spaces with the handheld vacuum, providing you with a completely new cleaning experience. Say farewell to manual dustbin cleaning and welcome a hands-free, effortless cleaning journey.
– [Versatile Handheld Vacuum] The X2 COMBO handheld vacuum is designed for multiple surfaces, featuring a four-stage filtration system and Brush COMBO set. Its HEPA filter captures up to 99.97% of fine dust particles, while the cyclone structure prevents clogging. With four brush heads, it provides superior cleaning on surfaces like sofas and beds.
– [8700Pa Suction and Extended Roller Brush] Ecovacs revolutionizes cleaning with an extended 200mm main rubber brush, meticulously crafted to ensure efficient cleaning with minimal hair entanglement. Engineered with powerful 8700Pa suction, it effortlessly captures crumbs, hair, and dust from both hard floors and carpets, making it an ideal choice for pet-friendly households.
– [140°F hot water Auto Mop Washing] Say goodbye to pet messes with ease as our technology efficiently dissolves oil and dirt, leaving your mop impeccably clean. The hot water not only aids in drying but also ensures thorough cleaning by replicating ‘scrubbing movements’ through vibrations in the cleaning tank. Experience an impressive 96% cleanliness rate, this machine is tailored for ensuring a hygienic environment for pets family.
– [Intelligent 15mm Auto Mop Lifting] Elevate your home cleaning experience with the revolutionary X2 Combo by ECOVACS. Seamlessly adapting to your living space, it autonomously lifts its mop by 15mm when carpets are detected, avoiding unnecessary mopping and boosting suction power for unparalleled carpet cleaning.
– [AI-controlled AIVI 3D 2.0 Obstacle Avoidance] Leveraging cutting-edge AI and sophisticated machine learning, the robot showcases increased adaptability and accuracy in dynamically avoiding obstacles, such as rapidly moving individuals and partially open doors. This intelligent system guarantees comprehensive cleaning across various household environments, effortlessly navigating through both brightly lit and dimly lit settings.
– [Dual Rotating Mopping System] Enhanced OZMO Turbo 2.0 replicates human hand motions with a high-speed 25,000 RPM motor. With a consistent 6N mopping pressure and a rotation speed of 180 rotations per minute, effortlessly tackling everyday spills and stubborn messes. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual mopping and hello to pristine floors with ease
– [Revolutionary Dual-laser LiDAR Navigation] X2 Comborevolutionizes robot vacuums with dual-laser LiDAR for intelligent navigation, obstacle avoidance, and precise mapping. With a 10-meter range and sleek design, it delivers customized cleaning under furniture for a superior cleaning experience.

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