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– EFFICIENT CLEANING: WYBOT C1 equipped with an upgraded independent water pump motor, achieving a maximum filtration rate of 2642 GPH, dual PVC brushes with a strong grip, which can thoroughly and efficiently attack various debris, garbage like sands, leafs, and tough dirt from ALL pool surfaces. Ensuring a thoroughly clean and crystal-clear pool, provides you with a refreshing swimming experience.
– FULL POOL CLEAN: Offering default settings and versatile cleaning modes, this pool cleaner efficiently cleans pool floors, walls, and waterlines. In default mode, it intelligently allocates cleaning time, starting with wall cleaning before moving on to a deep cleaning of the pool floor.
– LONGER RUNNING TIME: The pool vacuum boasts a long battery life, providing up to 120-150 minutes of continuous run time. Moreover, its rapid charging capability ensures it is ready for the next cleaning session in about 3 hours. This innovative robotic pool cleaner is designed for inground swimming pool up to 65 ft and water depth of 9.8ft.
– INTELLIGENT PATH PLANNING & MAXIMUM COVERAGE: Offering two types of path planning, S path cleaning and a regular wall-climbing path. Equipped with advanced sensors and gyroscopes, this robotic pool cleaner maps and navigates the pool with unmatched precision, resulting in methodical coverage with fewer missed spots.
– EASY FILTER CLEANING: Large top load filter cartridges with superior filtering abilities that traps and locks-in debris for optimal cleaning. To clean the filters, simply open the front cover, remove the filter basket from the pool cleaner, and rinse them with a garden hose.

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