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– đź’¦Foldable Water Outlet: The Blueice water pump dispenser features a convenient and innovative foldable water outlet, ensure the hygiene and safety of the spout, while saying goodbye to the trouble of extra storage of ordinary detachable spouts.
– đź’¦Adapt To More Water Bottle Types: Blueice electronic water dispenser not only fit gallon bottles with caps, but the additional food-grade adapters are equipped to support bottles without caps and screw top bottles; It can be firmly mounted on the bucket without the danger of falling water pump.
– đź’¦Two Water Discharge Modes: Our pump dispenser offers two water discharge modes to suit your needs. In Mode 1, Press the switch 1 seconds, automatically stops pumping after 1 minute, ensuring controlled water flow and preventing wastage. In Mode 2, press 2 seconds activates normal water mode, press the button again to stop the flow.
– đź’¦Rechargeable Battery with USB Charging: The Blueice water gallon pump is equipped with a high-capacity 1200mAh rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for constant replacements. With the convenience of USB charging, you can easily recharge your water pump dispenser anywhere.
– đź’¦Blueice Customer Service: This electric water pump dispenser makes it quick and convenient to access your drinking water, whether at home, in the office, or during camping adventures. If the product encounters any quality problems and cannot be used normally, please don’t fret, our service is friendly and hassle-free and will be always here.

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